How much do you know about #SafeStreets?

Do you know what the flashing red hand means when you’re crossing the street? Does everyone have to wear a bicycle helmet while riding? Do drivers have to yield to pedestrians only in marked crosswalks?

Test Your Street Smarts! Take our #SafeStreets quizzes to test your knowledge and see how much you know about traffic safety and distracted driving. At the end of the quiz, you can be entered into a prize drawing.

“Safe Streets Pinellas” is our Vision Zero initiative to work toward our ultimate goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on our streets. Pinellas County residents can view a “Story Map” to see where people have been killed or severely injured and then tell us what problems they are seeing by dropping pins, placing pictures, and drawing on our interactive map.

What we hear from you will help us understand where people feel unsafe so that we can work to provide potential solutions that range from engineering fixes to education opportunities and more. Your feedback will directly help develop and implement an Action Plan to identify areas of concern and provide tools to help make our community safer while traveling.

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