Introducing Amy Elmore

We are delighted to welcome Amy Elmore aboard as Forward Pinellas’ Communications & Outreach Program Manager. One of the most important things we do as an agency is to work closely with the public and our partners at the state, local and regional levels to develop plans and advance transportation projects that serve the needs of Pinellas County’s residents, businesses and visitors. Effective communication is the key to good coordination and sound decision-making on behalf of those constituents. We look forward to Amy hitting the ground running and connecting with you.

She will begin working from home on April 27. Amy’s work email address is and her direct phone number will be 727-464-8355.

announcement of Amy Elmore, Communications and Outreach Program Manager

3 Responses to “Introducing Amy Elmore”

  1. Louise Morgan

    Congratulations to Amy and your Agency! She will be a Great Asset to you! I’ve enjoyed working with her at Pasco County and she will be greatly missed.

  2. Bob Lasher

    A coup for FP, she’s a real dynamo and a VERY rare talent! IMHO.Outstanding hire!


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