Long Range Transportation Plan

As in the past, the transportation projects that our communities decide to invest today in will influence how Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay region will grow and evolve into the future.

As a metropolitan planning organization, Forward Pinellas determines what transportation projects should receive state and federal funding in Pinellas County with its long range transportation plan (LRTP). The plan identifies the major transportation needs for our communities and enables them to receive critical funding in the future – without inclusion in the plan, a transportation project cannot be eligible for this funding resource and may not be built. The LRTP is developed every five years to account for the latest growth patterns, socioeconomic trends and mobility needs for the future.

The development of the LRTP is closely coordinated with the agency’s land use authority via the Countywide Plan, the goals and policies of the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), the comprehensive plans of our community’s local governments and the broader vision set by our regional partners throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Forward Pinellas is currently in process of developing an LRTP that looks out to the horizon year of 2045.

Information on the adopted LRTP that is currently in effect is available below.


Other LRTP documents are available in the document portal. A full list of amendments and modifications to the LRTP is also available.