34th Street Lane Repurposing Study

As part of its US 19 corridor vision initiative, Forward Pinellas is working with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), City of St. Petersburg, and the Skyway Marina District to evaluate the concept of repurposing the outside lanes of 34th Street from 22nd Avenue South to 54th Avenue South for bus use and business access…. Read more »

Resilience and Durability to Extreme Weather

  The Tampa Bay region is one of the most vulnerable areas in the country, experiencing frequent storm events and persistent flooding. Forward Pinellas, the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Pasco MPO, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, and the Florida Department of Transportation District 7 have been awarded a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Resilience and Durability to… Read more »

Dunedin Activity Center Analysis

The following activity center analysis was determined to be the most useful method for the City of Dunedin, as well as the county, to assess the degree of design and development that exists within the activity center. It also examines where improvements, if any, could be made to a variety of major planning factors, such… Read more »

Urban Agriculture

The term “agriculture” conjures up an image of open land for growing crops or grazing livestock. But in an urban environment where land is at a premium, farming comes in many other creative forms. Gardens in residential front yards, rooftop greenhouses, community gardens on vacant lots, backyard chickens and beehives…the possibilities for growing fresh local… Read more »

Alternate U.S. 19 Cultural Corridor

Arts and culture impact all members of a community. Research repeatedly indicates the benefits of art on a vast variety of levels: improved health outcomes, boosting economies, better academic performance, and general improved well-being on both individual and societal levels. The importance of artistic expression and opportunities to experience authentic culture throughout the course of… Read more »

Planning & Placemaking Grant Program

Forward Pinellas is committed to fostering connected, people-centric neighborhoods and destinations through planning activities that reinforce community identity, livability, and increases public wealth. Efforts to shape the future of a redeveloping Pinellas County are guided by the framework of Pinellas By Design and the Countywide Plan, which seeks to strengthen our districts, centers, and corridors… Read more »

Finding the Missing Middle

The Tampa Bay housing market is currently underserved in providing affordable housing options for residents, and that trend is expected to grow. One solution may be to provide a greater variety of housing types that can accommodate more people without changing the character of existing neighborhoods. The term Missing Middle, developed in 2012 by architect Daniel… Read more »

Alternate U.S. 19 Studies

Extending nearly 38 miles, Alternate U.S. Highway 19 is the longest roadway in Pinellas County. It connects the cities of Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole and St. Petersburg as well as Palm Harbor in the  unincorporated area of north Pinellas County. The configuration of the road and the character of adjacent land uses it… Read more »