2019 Countywide Plan Update

The Countywide Plan for Pinellas County coordinates land use among all 24 municipalities and unincorporated Pinellas County, integrated with countywide transportation planning. With input from our partner local governments, the plan is periodically revised as needs and conditions change. On October 24, 2019, the plan was updated in coordination with Advantage Pinellas, the long-range transportation plan for 2045.

With a projected population increase of 93,000 residents and 59,000 jobs over 30 years, both our land use and transportation planning need to adapt to accommodate new growth. In support of Advantage Pinellas, which envisions a network of transit investment corridors connecting residents to jobs and education, the updated Countywide Plan enables communities to create higher-density, transit-oriented activity centers and multimodal corridors within walking distance of future transit routes. This planned approach to redevelopment will accommodate growth efficiently, help preserve the character of our established lower-density neighborhoods, and create attractive new lifestyle options in Pinellas County.

What is transit-oriented development?

  • A safe and comfortable walking environment with sidewalks, shade trees, awnings, and lighting.
  • Inviting ground floor uses such as shops and restaurants.
  • Buildings that come up to the sidewalk to provide safer access for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • A connected street grid that makes it easy for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders to get from place to place.
  • Transitions that decrease building size and uses to help buffer adjacent neighborhoods.

Where can transit-oriented development go?

  • Existing downtowns and town centers where historic development patterns already encourage walking, biking and transit use.
  • Areas where jobs are concentrated.
  • Along major corridors.
  • Other places of special redevelopment focus to the community.

Will every community have transit-oriented development?

  • Each community will choose whether transit-oriented development is a good fit—and if so, where it will go and how it will fit into with existing development.
  • A local government would need to take action to request higher densities, and show that it has carefully planned for them.

What else is in the Countywide Plan update?

  • New incentives for Missing Middle housing and mixed-use development
  • New opportunity to create medium-density planned redevelopment districts
  • New linkage between transit-oriented corridor planning and priority for transportation funding

Where can I get more information?

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