Complete Streets

Forward Pinellas as the unified MPO/PPC has been tasked by a special act of the state legislature to coordinate transportation and land use planning in Pinellas County. One way to strengthen this coordination is to incentivize transportation investments so they serve as a catalyst for transformative redevelopment, particularly through the implementation of “Complete Streets” of a complete street and bicyclist

Complete Streets are designed, operated and maintained for all users, regardless of age or ability, based on the context of the roadway and its surrounding area. Through collaboration with its committees and board, Forward Pinellas has developed an incentive program to assist local governments in planning, designing and constructing Complete Streets projects.

The Forward Pinellas Complete Streets Program provides annual, competitive funding for both the planning and construction of complete streets projects countywide. The successful applications received in the 2016 call for projects were awarded funding in March 2017. Awarded applications are listed below.

For additional resources on what Complete Streets are and successful examples, please visit the websites of some of our partners.

Information on the 2017 call for projects will be available in September 2017. For additional information, please contact Chelsea Favero at 727-464-5644 or at