Consistency and Map Amendments

2019 Countywide Plan Update

We’re in the process of updating the Countywide Plan. For more information, visit our 2019 Countywide Plan Update page.

Consistency Review Processdscn7102

Local comprehensive plans and land development regulations are required to be consistent with the future land use categories and standards set forth in the Countywide Rules. Before your local government amends any comprehensive plan or land development code language that addresses a topic covered in the Rules, you will need to submit it to Forward Pinellas for a staff review and consistency determination. [Countywide Rules, Division 3.2 & 3.3.] For more details on this process, visit our Guide to Submittal Requirements.

Map Amendment Process

The amendment process is also detailed in the Guide to Submittal Requirements. All Countywide Plan Map amendment requests must include:

  • An ordinance being considered by your governing body;
  • A completed Countywide Plan Map Amendment Application;
  • A map or map series depicting the future land use categories of the subject property and surrounding area, and any other pertinent information. [Countywide Rules,]

Additional requirements for Tier II and III amendments to the Activity Center (AC) or Multimodal Corridor (MMC) category:

  • A pre-application meeting with Forward Pinellas staff;
  • Identification of current and proposed future land use categories and/or character districts within the AC or MMC category, their acreages, and their associated maximum densities/intensities;
  • A copy of the implementing regulations applicable to the AC or MMC category (e.g., special area plan, corridor plan, comprehensive policies, land development regulations); and
  • A written description of how each of the Planning and Urban Design Principles described in the Countywide Plan Strategies, Land Use Goal 16.0, are addressed within the AC or MMC category. [Countywide Rules,]

For Tier III amendments, in addition to all of the above requirements, applicants must submit a justification narrative demonstrating that the proposed density/intensity standards are appropriate for the subject area despite not meeting the applicable locational requirements, due to changed conditions or other unique factors that support the requested amendment. [Countywide Rules, Section]


Countywide Plan Map Amendment Calendar for 2019
Tier I Amendments Table
Public Hearing Procedures