#SafeStreets starts with you! Take the Pledge Towards Zero.

In 2020, we’ve already seen 50 people lose their lives on our roadways. Everyone in Pinellas County should be able to walk, bike, take public transit and drive on streets that are safe. No one should be killed traveling our roadways.

Throughout the country and world, Vision Zero communities ask for a commitment to work together to get to zero deaths and serious injuries. We are asking the same of Pinellas County residents, workers and visitors. We recognize zero doesn’t happen overnight, but we need to actively work to make it happen. We cannot ignore the real costs to people, families, and our community about the loss of life and debilitating injuries on our roadways just to move cars faster.

There are many things we can do to work towards getting there. Not checking our phones when we are driving, biking or walking – even just a peek. Slowing down and looking at our surroundings. Being alert and paying attention especially at intersections. Saying “crashes” instead of “accidents,” as crashes are preventable and tie responsibilities to our actions. Thinking about traffic crashes as a public health issue, not only a transportation one. These are just a few examples.

We can’t do this alone. We need your help to make our streets safer for everyone. Take your pledge today!

You can save lives! Take the pledge today to show why you support #SafeStreets.

How to take the pledge:

Use #SafeStreets and tag @fwdpinellas

  1. Download the Virtual Frame for Your Facebook Profile*
  2. Take a Selfie or Video with our Virtual #SafeStreets Story*
  3. Print this Pledge Board and Post a selfie on your social media
  4. Create your own Pledge Board and Post it on your social media
  5. Post a video of why you support #SafeStreets

*Must have the Facebook App to download the Virtual #SafeStreets Story and the “I Support #SafeStreets” Facebook Profile Frame. If you do not have the Facebook App, you can search “Safe Streets Pinellas” in the Facebook Frame options and Facebook Story Frame options.

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