Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

CAC meeting, March 2018

The CAC is comprised of a cross section of representatives of the community that serve as a conduit for public input to the plans and programs of Forward Pinellas.  Members are appointed to represent each of the County’s jurisdictions. The CAC meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.  More information about the operations of the CAC is available in the Committee’s bylaws

The actions of the CAC are guided by its vision for “a community-driven, modern transportation system that is safe, provides equitable access, and efficient mobility options in support of a sustainable, healthy, livable, and economically vibrant region.”

Interested in serving on the CAC?  Let us know.  New members are required to complete an application.

View this month’s meeting presentations.

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2018 CAC Meetings

January 25     Agenda

February 22    Agenda

March 22    Agenda

April 26    Agenda

May 24   Agenda

August 23   Agenda

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October 25  Agenda

December 6  Agenda

2017 CAC Meetings

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March 23      Agenda

April 27      Agenda

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August 24   Agenda

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October 26  Agenda

December 7  Agenda