Mission Statement

Our Mission

Forward Pinellas will provide leadership to align resources and plans that help to achieve a compelling vision for Pinellas County, our individual communities and our region.

We will do so by:

  • Creating integrated land use and transportation plans that provide viable mobility options and sustainable development patterns;
  • Engaging the public in the development of transportation and land use plans;
  • Forging effective partnerships among public agencies, citizens and the business community;
  • Defining cost-effective strategies to meet the transportation and land use goals of Pinellas County; and
  • Setting priorities for sound public investment in transportation improvements.

These actions will occur within a spirit of collaboration with our public and private sector partners. We will cooperate to strengthen access to economic opportunity, foster resilient, livable communities and improve safety within Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay region.  

We aspire to an organizational culture of professional public service with high ethical standards. We also work to foster creative problem-solving, continuous learning, leadership development and a team environment, continuously seeking to align goals and actions across jurisdictions.