Analyzing Our Communities for Better Planning

Whether it’s analyzing the economic impact of microbreweries, encouraging urban agriculture, or creating a cultural corridor along Alternate U.S. 19, Forward Pinellas undertakes a variety of projects in order to meet the diverse planning needs of our communities countywide.

As part of our interlocal agreements with local governments throughout Pinellas County, we as an agency provide technical assistance and services tailored to the needs of each municipality upon request. Some of these services include technical analysis and data development, such as those presented in recent story map projects that examine the impact of key socioeconomic, demographic and geographic features on our local communities.

The purpose of these story maps of community activity centers is to provide a model of analysis that can be replicated for other municipalities throughout Pinellas County. Using these analyses, we can draw meaningful conclusions and comparisons between them to better plan for county-wide growth and development. By seeing these data points mapped out visually and understanding the story behind those data points, we can collectively create better planning and development strategies across Pinellas County related to land use and transportation.

So far, we have completed an indicators analysis for the City of Dunedin’s activity center and are currently working on another indicators analysis for the entire City of South Pasadena, which is coming soon. You can view the full Dunedin story map in EGIS.

By clicking through the slideshow below, you can see the planning that went into each segment of the story map. If your community is interested in having Forward Pinellas create an indicator project tailored to your needs, contact Planner Jared Austin.

Dunedin Activity Center General Demographics
For this section we felt that a general demographic study would be useful for getting an idea of what the activity center looked like in regards to income level and age range, as well as how the activity center fared in relation to the City of Dunedin, and Pinellas County, as a whole for a range of characteristics. This demographic study is particularly useful not only in determining the overall character of the activity center, but to also see how these demographics might be impacted by certain institutions within the activity center. In the case of Dunedin, it was determined that age and median income are largely skewed by the presence of an assisted living facility.
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