34th Street Lane Repurposing Project

Map of the study corridor from of 34th Street from 22nd Avenue South to 54th Avenue South and the Skyway Marina district, bounded by I-275 and 37th Street.

As part of its US 19 corridor vision initiative, Forward Pinellas has been working with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), City of St. Petersburg, and the Skyway Marina District to evaluate the concept of re-purposing the outside lanes of 34th Street from 22nd Avenue South to 54th Avenue South for bus use and business access (i.e., shared bus use and right turns). This would be implemented as part of an FDOT resurfacing project scheduled for construction in 2022.

The resurfacing project would also include the construction of six to 10 foot sidewalks on both sides of the road and pedestrian activated crosswalks. The purpose of these improvements is to improve the safety of the road for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users as well as motorists. They are also intended to support the vision of the Skyway Marina District to create a safe walkable environment that provides viable alternatives to automobile travel while supporting the development of a vibrant local economy.  The corridor traverses the center of the Skyway Marina District.

The lane re-purposing, sidewalk and crosswalk improvements will be incorporated in the design plans for the resurfacing project.  Design work is scheduled to begin in fiscal year 2019/20. Following this effort, it is anticipated that a complete streets concept plan will be developed for the section of the corridor within the Skyway Marina District that will focus on additional corridor improvements and land use design.


34th Street Lane Elimination Study


34th Street Lane Re-purposing Project

April 4, 2019 Public Workshop Exhibits