Transit Suitability Analysis

Jolley Trolley at Main Street and Bayshore Drive, Safety Harbor

Forward Pinellas, working with the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) and local governments, is conducting an analysis of PSTA transfer points. This project will evaluation opportunities for redevelopment, improved non-auto accessibility and enhanced safety at the transfer points and their surrounding areas. Ultimately, site-specific strategies will be developed for select sites. Project Objectives Improve service… Read more »

Pinellas by Design

Pinellas by Design - Opportunities Summit, 2002

Pinellas by Design was a countywide visioning effort held between 2001 and 2005, which included participation from several hundred citizens, business owners, developers, and local government representatives. The Pinellas Planning Council (now a part of Forward Pinellas) teamed up with the Pinellas County Economic Development Department and Board of County Commissioners to hold three public… Read more »

Transportation Improvement Program

In its capacity as the metropolitan planning organization for Pinellas County, Forward Pinellas adopts a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) by July 1 annually to ensure that the County is eligible to receive State and Federal funding for transportation projects. The TIP contains project descriptions, schedules, and corresponding funding allocations regarding transportation improvement projects for the… Read more »