Countywide Plan

The Countywide Plan for Pinellas County guides land use planning among the 25 local governments of Pinellas County. Closely coordinated with the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), the CWP directs higher-density redevelopment into activity centers and multimodal corridors that can support a variety of transportation modes, while preserving and enhancing the suburban character of established neighborhoods. It also protects land needed to support employment, helping to keep high-wage jobs in our community.

The new Countywide Plan consists of three major components (click for more information):

Provide the policy basis for entire plan.

Regulations governing implementation and amendment of the mapRegulations governing map implementation and amendment.

mapAll local governments must be consistent with the map. An interactive version of the map is also available.


The current plan, which took effect August 7, 2015, is the result of a nearly four-year collaborative process between the Pinellas Planning Council and all 25 local governments, partner agencies, the Board of County Commissioners in their role as the countywide planning authority, and the MPO.

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Consistency and Map Amendments

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