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Our economic prosperity in Pinellas County depends in large part on wise decisions that enable seamless transportation and redevelopment that provides opportunity for people and communities to thrive.

Downtown DunedinForward Pinellas is a land use and transportation planning agency. We guide integrated transportation and land use solutions that sustain economic value by connecting the communities of Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay region.

The agency is charged with addressing countywide land use and transportation concerns, as both the Pinellas Planning Council and Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization. Forward Pinellas not only provides a forum for countywide decision-making on transportation and land use issues, but also assists local governments with technical support, regional coordination and policy advice and guidance.

In its role as the Pinellas Planning Council, Forward Pinellas is governed by a special act of the State Legislature (Chapter 2012-245, Laws of Florida) and the Pinellas County Charter. The agency is tasked with providing policy advice and recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners, in its role as the Countywide Planning Authority.

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Forward Pinellas also serves as the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for Pinellas County. The Pinellas County MPO operates in accordance with Federal Law (23 USC 134 and 135) and Chapter 339.175, Florida Statutes to address the mobility needs of people and freight while fostering economic growth and minimizing fuel consumption, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.  The Pinellas MPO was established in 1977 following the passage of the Federal Highway Act of 1974.  It develops plans, policies and priorities that guide local decision-making on transportation issues. Principal responsibilities include the development of a 20-year Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) a five-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) a two-year Unified Planning Work Program and related transportation planning studies and projects.

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Forward Pinellas facilitates the coordination of transportation and land use planning regionally and countywide. Pinellas County is made up of 24 cities and unincorporated Pinellas County. While these communities function independently from one another, they are also connected through infrastructure, geography and the economy. Forward Pinellas provides a forum for local governments to cooperate on multi-jurisdictional issues and to work out any disputes that may arise. It strives to bring consistency to the planning and regulatory efforts of the 25 local governments. The agency provides for countywide visioning, strategic planning and project programming.

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Mission Statement

Forward Pinellas is charged with integrating land use and transportation in Pinellas County. Our Mission Statement guides these efforts.

Forward Pinellas Board

Forward Pinellas is governed by a 13-member board of elected officials.

Forward Pinellas Advisory Committees

Forward Pinellas relies upon our advisory committees to review its plans and programs and help shape its policies.

Forward Pinellas Staff

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Forward Pinellas Partners

Forward Pinellas relies upon our network of partners to help us plan for Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay region.