Advantage Pinellas: Active Transportation

Pinellas County is home to many eclectic neighborhoods, thriving downtowns, sugar sand beaches, pristine natural habitats, and has a strong economic base of manufacturing and corporate headquarters. Our residents and visitors expect robust, efficient, and cost-effective multimodal transportation facilities and services that are connected to various destinations.

By 2040, Pinellas County is projected to add over 63,000 new people and over 49,000 new jobs. That is a significant amount of growth given the changing landscape of development and redevelopment activity in a largely built-out county. Part of the mobility strategy for accommodating this growth is to plan for more strategic investments in pedestrian and bicycle networks to serve a wide variety of trip purposes.

Over the next several months, Forward Pinellas will be developing a new Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan for Pinellas County, in coordination with the development of the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan. “Advantage Pinellas” is the 2045 long range plan for Pinellas County and the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan – “Advantage Pinellas: Active Transportation” is a key component of the long range planning process.

There are many ways to be involved throughout the plan development process. Below are several online and in-person engagement opportunities.

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Data Input Tool

With the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan Data Viewer, we aim to get as much feedback as possible from Pinellas County residents, as well as visitors from the wider Tampa Bay region and beyond. Whether you regularly walk or bike throughout the county, are a casual bicyclist or walker, or if you see too many obstacles to being able to do so, this tool is for you. For a more detailed breakdown of how to use the crowd sourcing application, please download our step by step tutorial.