In its capacity as the metropolitan planning organization for Pinellas County, Forward Pinellas adopts a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) by July 1 annually to ensure that the County is eligible to receive State and Federal funding for transportation projects.

The TIP contains project descriptions, schedules, and corresponding funding allocations regarding transportation improvement projects for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the 25 local governments of Pinellas County, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), local airports, and the Port of St. Petersburg. 

The projects include new construction, reconstruction, capital purchases, and maintenance work associated with roads, sidewalks, trails, transit services, airports, and the port, and the Transportation Disadvantaged Program. The TIP also identifies the MPO’s priority projects for State and Federal funding.

Current TIP

Forward Pinellas adopted the fiscal year (FY) 2023/24 – 2027/28 TIP  at its June 8, 2022 meeting, following a public hearing. The document contains project priority lists for Federal and State funding. These priority lists are utilized in the allocation of Surface Transportation Program (STP) and Transportation Alternatives (TA) Program funds to Pinellas County. They also guide the development of the State’s Five-Year Work Program and are reviewed and adopted by the Forward Pinellas Board each year. The (FY) 2022/23 – 2026/27 TIP from the previous year is also available. An interactive version map of the TIP allows the user to view and learn more about the next five years of transportation projects. For County CIP projects listed in the TIP, please view the County’s CIP specific dashboard.


TIP Amendments

The FDOT will periodically request amendments to the TIP in situations where projects are modified or added to the five year schedule.  Projects may be modified due to changes in funding, scheduling, or scope of work.

Program Contact: Ariane Martins


Phone: 727.464.5641