About the Trail Count Program

Through funding made available from the Centers of Disease Control in 2016, automated trail counters were installed along the Pinellas Trail. Using electromagnetic and infrared technology, the sensors accurately and consistently count users, differentiate between pedestrians and bicyclists, and log the day, time and direction of travel. These automated trail counters have been installed in eight different sections of the Pinellas Trail.

Project Contact: Kyle Simpson

Email: ksimpson@forwardpinellas.org

Phone: 727-464-8250

Trail Users
in 2020

Trail Users
2017 – Feb 2021

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The value of the trail counters has been immeasurable as they have provided a more efficient system of data collection and reporting. The data helps to inform taxpayers, elected officials and other stakeholders of the widespread use of the trail. The trail count data also informs Forward Pinellas’ efforts to make bicycling and walking safe and healthy transportation options in Pinellas County. Additionally, trail user counts assist in obtaining transportation grants and building community support for regional trails.

Counter data is collected monthly at all eight Pinellas Trail Count Stations. Monthly Summary Reports are created which include total user counts, the daily averages, highest daily totals, totals per count station, average weekday and weekend use, and total distribution by mode (pedestrians/bicyclists).

Pinellas Trail Usage Annual Report 2021

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Monthly Pinellas Trail Usage Reports

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Fun Facts

  • From the years of 2017 – 2020, the Forward Pinellas Trail Count program has counted 6,144,826 trail users along the Pinellas Trail.
  • In 2020, there was a 60% increase in bicyclists, runners, walkers and skaters on the Pinellas Trail.
  • In 2020, Forward Pinellas counted over 2.1 million people on the Pinellas Trail.