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34th Street South Lane Elimination Study

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  1. I oppose any lane elimination or repurposing on 34th St S that removes a general vehicle lane of traffic that taxpayers have paid for. Four large apartment complexes are about to open with their parking garages bringing more cars and more redevelopment is occurring that will make 34th Street S more congested and dangerous. The entrance to Publix on 34th St S will become more hazardous. The level of service on 34th Street S will be degraded with the added congestion from many many more apartments and redevelopment along 34th Street S. That is unacceptable.
    There was only one “Open House” type meeting about this issue that was held in April 2019. It was a meeting hosted by Forward Pinellas that I attended and when citizens attempted to speak in front of everyone who was attending, the citizens attempting to comment were shut down and told to go speak to those at stations positioned around the room. It was obvious the meeting was not for Forward Pinellas to hear from citizens but for Forward Pinellas to inform citizens what they already planned to do, remove a lane of traffic for a PSTA bus only lane. PSTA’s ridership is dismal and this is a LOW VOLUME route, even more dismal. This is not good governance.
    I ask that Forward Pinellas hold at least ONE public hearing to allow citizens to PUBLICLY SPEAK and weigh in creating a public record about PSTA/Forward Pinellas’s plan to remove the lane of traffic on 34th Street S before any further action is taken on this project.

  2. i read the document.

    There have been many people who have moved here since your last traffic studies were conducted in 2018.

    evidently 4 large apartment complexes are about to open on this state road and redevelopment is occurring with more to come.

    In 2.1 of the document, only the mention of an evacuation route is included without an updated hurricane evacuation or traffic impact/feasibility study

    This project should not go through at all, as this inconveniences a greater proportion of the public to serve the interests of the PSTA/Forward Pinellas & MPO/FDOT

    -Geoffrey Caputo, Registered Voter , St. Petersburg

  3. The study addresses Forward Pinellas’s desire to “establish a context sensitive corridor for the area.” Apparently they created a new language to describe it, so they can prove they are out intellectual superiors. This is easy…this is another boondoggle to waste our money. Say NO to this project.

    “There is not in all America a more dangerous trait than the deification of mere smartness unaccompanied by any sense of moral responsibility.”
    — Theodore Roosevelt

  4. I absolutely do NOT want or support car lane elimination from 34th St or Pasadena Ave, for dedicated BRT lanes.
    Even mixed use lane would be bad but at least but a better solution given the BRT should never have been to begin with.

    No lane removal/dedicated BRT lanes for Pasadena or 34th Street – period.

    It is disgrace that PSTA/St Pete Mayor/Pinelas County Comission crammed this program through when 90% of entire length of BRT city residents did NOT want this.

    PSTA should be privatized at this point and many on the Pinealls County Commission should be voted out quickly

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