Public participation is solicited by the MPO without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, or family status.

Sunshine Law Reminder: Please note that as members of public advisory boards, communication between two or more members of the same board, involving matters which will foreseeably come before the board for action, is prohibited unless such communication takes place at a public meeting pursuant to the Sunshine Law. Discussion by members of the same board on this site, such as typed comments by the members on the same post, can constitute a violation of the Sunshine Law if the subject discussed in the post will foreseeably come before the board for action. Further, communications back and forth between or among board members over this site that spur ideas for future agenda items are also likely violations, regardless if there are only two board members commenting back and forth, or if the entire community in addition to the two board members are commenting on a specific post. Please do not use this site for such communication, or to post polls or otherwise use the site as a conduit for soliciting opinions from other board members. The proper forum for public officials to collectively brainstorm ideas, discuss problems and formulate solutions is at a publicly held meeting pursuant to the Sunshine Law. Information found on this site can always be brought up and openly discussed at the next public meeting.