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If you are seeking a new opportunity to use your accounting and/or finance skills and abilities in a fulfilling work environment that will stimulate your mind, then we have an opening on our team.


Forward Pinellas seeks to hire an Accounting & Finance Technician professional. This is a new position for the agency and would:


  • Prepare reports on the status of service accounts, bills, invoices, contracts, payments, grants, fee receipts, entitlements and reimbursed programs, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and prepare regular reports of revenues and expenditures
  • Assist with processing payroll and quarterly grant reimbursements
  • Develop or assist in efforts to collect and manipulate accounting data and fiscal information, prepare spreadsheets compiling revenue activity and trends for management use, and reformats data or create specific reports, charts, or graphs
  • Analyze and verify daily edit reports and research and resolve problems
  • Verify validated wire transfer slips to journal entries
  • Process manual and void checks and prepare backup documentation for the same
  • Oversee the collection, receipt, and disbursement of funds per Florida Statutes, rules, and regulations
  • Serve as backup to co-workers and may serve as backup for higher-level employees
  • Perform computerized maintenance of schedules to properly account for transactions concerning the agency’s fixed assets
  • Process travel reimbursements
  • Examine and verify bank statements and reconcile statements with internal ledgers
  • Provide technical supervision to staff, maintain and compile computer-generated spreadsheets, track incoming revenue, audit daily deposit reconciliations, prepare daily deposits, reconciliation and revenue distribution reports, and unit budgets, posting, and reconcile funds, department budgets, and revenue ledgers
  • Perform other related job duties as assigned


This position closes on December 10, 2021, and we encourage all interested candidates to apply.

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