In an effort to better serve the local communities in Pinellas County, Forward Pinellas is pleased to provide the Knowledge Exchange Series. We are conducting research and providing technical assistance on topics that shape the way Pinellas County redevelops. Please visit for future projects in the Knowledge Exchange Series.

Have you ever been to a city where you can easily travel without an automobile? Where transitioning from walking, or perhaps biking, to transit is seamless, efficient, and enjoyable? Where a connected transportation network allows you to easily get to work, restaurants, retail and recreation? Thoughtful city design helps to create this environment, and at the heart of this design is often the incorporation of Transit-Oriented Development.

Transit-Oriented Development, or TOD, is a type of development that typically includes a mix of land use types, such as residential, commercial, and office uses, with pedestrian amenities and within a half-mile of public transportation. Around the world, TOD has developed into a planning, community development, design, and funding method that supports livable, walkable environments.

Within Pinellas County, Forward Pinellas is committed to working with our partners to encourage TOD by identifying the locations best suited for premium transit service. These priority investment corridors are designated as multimodal corridors on the Land Use Strategy Map featured in The Countywide Plan for Pinellas County, as well as the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan, known as Advantage Pinellas. The Countywide Plan has established goals and strategies that are meant to preserve the character of existing neighborhoods while allowing more intense growth and development in areas where transportation infrastructure that supports TOD already exists or is planned, including along the priority investment corridors. By identifying these priority investment corridors in Advantage Pinellas, they will be prioritized to receive funding which will support the incorporation of transit service and TOD efforts. This interrelationship of The Countywide Plan and Advantage Pinellas enables the incorporation of TOD at the local level.

To support current and future TOD efforts, we put together a number of resources for local governments interested in learning more about TOD and how they can promote TOD within their communities. Resources include:

  • A handbook that outlines key challenges and opportunities of TOD, such as locating and creating a market for TOD, funding service and increasing ridership, and equity considerations. It also features case study examples around the country and highlights key next steps for local governments within Pinellas County to consider when trying to implement TOD within their communities. These include reviewing comprehensive plans to identify potential limitations to TOD and amending policies accordingly and considering the incorporation of TOD supportive land development regulations.
  • Powerpoint presentations highlighting local TOD projects and different TOD approaches and research efforts.

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