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Forward Pinellas and Pinellas County’s Department of Housing & Community Development have partnered to develop an Urban Design Services Pilot Program for 2022-2023. The program is free to local governments and is intended to improve the quality of new development by using various urban design tools to engage with city staff, developers, and community members in decisions about the built environment.

To learn more about the program, or if your community has a project that could benefit from these urban design services, please contact us.

Project Contact: Jared Austin


Phone: 727.464.5643

Pinellas County is largely a redevelopment community, and with redevelopment comes the opportunity to use the development review and regulatory process to ensure that the character of neighborhoods and communities is enhanced.

This program is the first of its kind in Pinellas County and aims to provide a suite of urban design services to interested communities in order to realize local goals and objectives. Improving architectural and design qualities of buildings, developing codes and standards that strengthen neighborhood character, and enhancing the pedestrian environment and public realm are all possible while involving community members through the development process.

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The pilot program has three components:

  • Work with developers to provide urban design guidance to meet the intent of adopted regulations (e.g. form-based code, comprehensive plan policies, land development regulations)
  • Work with community/neighborhood groups and developers to host charettes/studios to visualize change and develop a common understanding for potential redevelopment projects
  • Evaluate and/or advise on proposed form-based regulations

Forward Pinellas has selected S&ME to serve as the consultant for this pilot program. This firm has a team of designers, planners, and landscape architects who are experienced in urban design and provide similar services to other communities in Florida.

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