Safe Streets Pinellas: A Vision Zero Approach to Making our Streets Safer

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When we hear about severe crashes or injuries on our roadways, the conversation often revolves around who is to blame. Was the driver speeding, or was the pedestrian jaywalking?

With 90 people killed and more seriously injured last year on Pinellas County roadways, assigning blame to individuals isn’t solving our transportation crisis. Forward Pinellas started Safe Streets Pinellas, a Vision Zero safety effort, to address this. Vision Zero, a strategy employed by communities across the country and the world, radically redefines the idea of what transportation safety means: that not one person should be killed or seriously injuring using our roadways. In a Vision Zero effort like Safe Streets Pinellas, diverse stakeholders must come together to think about and work toward creating a transportation system that is safe for everyone. The success of Safe Streets Pinellas depends on community involvement and collaboration with partner agencies.

On March 31 at 1 pm, we will be hosting a Safe Streets Pinellas Summit. The summit will include safety experts, interactive activities, and your ideas for how we can help make Pinellas County a safer place. To learn more or register, visit our event page.

Forward Pinellas is seeking ambassadors to work with us to help spread the word about Safe Streets Pinellas and why Vision Zero is needed in our community. Ambassadors will be required to attend a training (in person or via webinar) and at least one outreach event. Ambassadors will focus on connecting our work to the communities in which they are a part. If you are interested in volunteering to be an ambassador, email Sarah Caper at with your name, contact information and a brief statement describing why you would like to be an ambassador.

Over the course of the next year, Forward Pinellas will work with our partners and the community to develop an action plan complete with tools and strategies to work towards eliminating deaths on our roadways. We will be looking closely at high injury corridors, conducting demonstration projects and exploring how to implement Safe Streets Pinellas in Pinellas County. I hope you will join us over the next year and beyond in getting to zero.

6 Responses to “Safe Streets Pinellas: A Vision Zero Approach to Making our Streets Safer”

  1. Dayna Lazarus

    Hey! I assumed this would be cancelled but never got a notice. Can I please be sent all of the presentations and handouts and materials from the event?

    Thank you!

    • Amy Elmore

      Hi Dayna! I’m not sure if anyone got back with you, but this event was cancelled. We’ll be having some online events in a few weeks. I’ll make sure you stay updated! Thanks for your support!

  2. Lora

    Bay News 9 just posted a small article about Safe Streets collecting information on intersections that are dangerous. How can we get that info to someone? I think its GREAT Pinellas has taken this initiative to help keep our streets (and people) safer.

    • Amy Elmore

      Hi Lora! We will be coming out with the interactive map soon! We’ll make sure to keep you updated on this project. Thanks for reaching out.

  3. Ray

    Drug users, drunks, felons, texters, wrong way drivers, and angry drivers are not paying any attention to speed limits, traffic lights, or the law. Keep dreaming, unless you want to ban cars in Pinellas Co. Stop blaming the car or the road because of the driver. AND,,, the many pedestrians that don’t look,,, or take dangerous chances trying to out run a vehicle. Thanks for listening, Ray


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