Pinellas by Design was a countywide visioning effort held between 2001 and 2005, which included participation from several hundred citizens, business owners, developers, and local government representatives. The Pinellas Planning Council (now a part of Forward Pinellas) teamed up with the Pinellas County Economic Development Department and Board of County Commissioners to hold three public participation summits to engage the community and develop a clear vision for Pinellas County’s future. The findings were incorporated into the Pinellas by Design plan in 2005. We continue to implement the Pinellas by Design vision through the Countywide Plan for Pinellas County, which guides land use throughout Pinellas County in coordination with transportation planning.

Through the Pinellas by Design effort, the community identified the following goals:

  • Protect and improve quality of life for residents, visitors, and businesses;
  • Help Pinellas County compete with other regions for the high wage jobs and skilled workers we need to sustain and grow our economy;
  • Ensure that there is sufficient land to accommodate new businesses, and allow existing ones to expand;
  • Balance the employment, housing, and transportation needs of the local workforce;
  • Help Pinellas County remain an attractive and competitive tourist destination;
  • Preserve the character of our residential neighborhoods;
  • Support a variety of transportation options, including walking, biking, and efficient transit;
  • Provide more residential options, such as downtowns and transit corridors, to complement our established neighborhoods;
  • Direct redevelopment to places where it is most appropriate;
  • Encourage public/private redevelopment partnerships;
  • Protect our beautiful beaches, maintain scenic views, and reward tree preservation;
  • Create places of special value to the community, such as town centers, arts districts, and public plazas; and
  • Build a community that invites creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Pinellas by Design remains an influential blueprint for long-term planning efforts in Pinellas County. In 2014, Pinellas County held an Economic Innovation and Leadership Symposium to chart the progress we’ve made in realizing its goals.

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