Advantage Pinellas: Your Long Range Transportation Plan

For the past two years we have been asking for your input into how our communities should develop into the future and how we should invest our funding to move people around. You’ve filled out our surveys in the mail, over the phone, and online, joined our focus group, and talked with us at public events, homeowners association meetings and at other meetings of civic groups. All along, we have been hearing the same message. You made it clear that widening roadways to solve traffic congestion is not the best option for our future. You want strategic investments in areas of growth. You want mobility options that serve the needs of all road users, including drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users, while maintaining our existing infrastructure.

We did two years of outreach for the Advantage Pinellas Plan in our communities.

Advantage Pinellas does just that. Advantage Pinellas is your long range transportation plan, identifying the transportation projects that will be advanced for state and federal funding through 2045. The Plan follows your priorities: safety, planning for walkable communities and access to premium transit corridors that connect our region. Our ability to allocate funds to categories other than roadways is somewhat limited, based on restrictions tied to state and federal funding requirements, but Advantage Pinellas dedicates close to 100% of our flexible funding sources to projects that address safety, accessibility, transit and technology.  

Advantage Pinellas is the first Long Range Transportation Plan to dedicate flexible funding sources to non-roadway expansion projects.

We hope you’ll read through the summary Advantage Pinellas Plan, including the projects being advanced for funding, and see your needs reflected. Thank you for helping us plan for Pinellas County’s transportation future.

One Response to “Advantage Pinellas: Your Long Range Transportation Plan”

  1. mark isenberg

    Hello from Tarpon Springs,
    Since the failure of Greenlight Pinellas two years plus? ago,it is clear support for mass transit is still limited in the County. Yes,we need express buses to the Airport and maybe some industrial parks.But,you folks need to be more practical in 2020 and stop with all the meetings and plans and actualize improvements. mark isenberg 727 940 4069


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