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Whether you think we should fund transit or more roads in our county – or one of the many options in between – our new survey needs your input.

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Today, we’re launching the Advantage Pinellas survey. This interactive tool, which only takes between 5-10 minutes to complete (really!), will help us prioritize transportation projects for the future. We want to know not only what you’d hope to see short-term, but over the next two decades.

In this survey, you’ll tell us about which strategies you think would improve transportation, how you’d like to see your tax dollars spent, and which types of streets and transit options you prefer. We know there are a lot of surveys that ask for your thoughts, some of ours among them, but it’s critical that we have your specific input on types of projects and how you think they should be funded.

Your responses will help us create the Advantage Pinellas Plan, which will identify the major transportation needs for our communities and enable them to receive critical state and federal funding in the future – and those needs could include everything from new trails to highway projects. Without inclusion in the plan, a transportation project won’t be eligible for this funding and may not become a reality.

We hope you take the survey and share with friends and family: AdvantagePinellas.metroquest.com.

If you have questions or problems taking the survey, email info@forwardpinellas.org.

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