Tell Us How You Use the Pinellas Trail

More than 100,000 people traverse the Pinellas Trail every month to bike, walk, or access nearby destinations. With a new survey, we hope to gain more information about how and why they use the trail. 

Pinellas Trail Survey 2019
For more information, please visit: or call: 727-464-8250

The Forward Pinellas team is working with our partners at Pinellas County, the City of St. Petersburg and the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee on the 2019 Pinellas Trail Users Survey, designed to better understand the mobility and economic impacts of the Pinellas Trail on surrounding communities.

The information gathered from the user survey will provide valuable data to trail planners, local municipalities and state agencies. This data will help us understand who uses the trail, where they come from, what they do on the trail and how long they are on the trail. The survey will also document what users think about the current condition of the trail and whether additional amenities would improve their trail experience.

The survey will also ask trail users about if and how they plan on spending money on their current trip to the trail. Trail users can document spending such as meals at a restaurant, lodging, or retail and estimate how much they plan on spending. With the last survey in 2014 resulting in over 1,000 responses, we expect to gather an impressive amount of data to support future trail planning decisions.

The survey is scheduled to close on May 10, and we ask that all users of the Pinellas Trail take a few minutes to complete the 2019 Pinellas Trail Users survey.

2 Responses to “Tell Us How You Use the Pinellas Trail”

  1. bert valery

    realy like to see LOOP completed in next 2 to 3 years . The exact south , Roosevelt to Gandy , route has to be selected first and that is NOT done . How can we tell folks a date if we do not know the whole route ??


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