In an effort to better serve the local communities in Pinellas County, Forward Pinellas is pleased to provide the Knowledge Exchange Series. We are conducting research and providing technical assistance on topics that shape the way Pinellas County redevelops. Please visit for future projects in the Knowledge Exchange Series.

Microbreweries (and related uses like brewpubs, micro-distilleries and micro-wineries) are becoming increasingly popular in Pinellas County and around the country. These businesses gravitate toward compact, walkable downtowns and town centers, creating attractive destinations that can become catalysts for revitalization.

A unique combination of commercial and industrial uses in a single building, microbreweries can also present zoning challenges, particularly in smaller communities. To help meet these challenges, Forward Pinellas staff conducted a study of local approaches to regulating and incentivizing microbreweries. We interviewed municipal planning staff and brewery owners and reviewed local land development regulations to compile a set of best practices.

We put together a number of resources for local governments interested in learning more:

    • PowerPoint with a discussion of local approaches to various issues, including incentives that help microbreweries succeed
    • Example regulations from a number of communities in Pinellas County
    • video of planners and business owners describing their experiences and lessons learned
    • A one-page best practices handout

Next steps will include working with our Planners Advisory Committee on possible amendments to the Countywide Plan to make it easier to allow these uses in appropriate places.

For a summary of our study findings and more, please read our accompanying blog post.

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